1B Writer of the Week, August 12


1B have been learning about ‘Past and Present Families’. In one of our lessons, we looked at the difference between telephones in the past and present. In pairs, we made ‘string phones’ and then wrote an explanation about what they are and how we made them. Enjoy reading the following ‘Explanations’ on ‘How a string phone works?’

1B have been working hard in Mathematics lessons this week, using playing cards to assist them with Addition and Subtraction problems.

Also, Grandparents Day is approaching fast and 1B completed some fabulous artwork!

1B Writer of the Week

Ronan Boyd

‘How a string phone works’
A string phone works by vibration. The vibration travels through the string. One person puts one cup to their ear and the other person puts the other cup to their mouth.

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Extra pieces of writing

Connor Folpp
A string phone works with vibration, two cups and string. The string when you talk, it makes a vibration in the string and it travels to the other cup.

Ila Greenaway
A string phone works by vibration. It was made out of one piece of string and two cups. We use them by pulling the cups tight. One person holds a cup up to their ear and the other person holds a cup up to their mouth.

Bella Nuygen
We use two cups and one string. We put the string into one of the cups then we put the string into the other cup. Then you pull the string carefully. Then one person listens and the other person talks. Then you have your phone.

Madison Patrech
To make a string phone you need string and two cardboard cups and a pencil. First, get your cups and pencil and poke the cups. Then put the string through the cups.

Sienna Patrech
We use two cups and a piece of string. One person speaks through it and the other listens. It works by vibration but if it is wobbly it will not work. So you have to pull so it will work. And you have to tie a knot in the end.