Jerome Meyer


After graduating from BDC in 2010, I moved to Kenya to teach English for almost a year. On my return, I begin to study a Bachelor of Law and International Studies and graduated from Macquarie University in 2016. Whilst at university I did two exchange programs – one in Uppsala, Sweden and the other in Essen, Germany. After my exchange, I moved to Berlin to study German at Humboldt University. In late 2016, I then moved to the UK and began working in a Law firm in London – primarily in family law. Yet instead of following a path in law, I chose to pursue a career in international relations. In June, 2017 I was accepted to study a masters in International Affairs in Geneva, Switzerland – where I now live.
Currently, I am in my second and final year of my studies. However, I am also currently working at the World Economic Forum and will be attending the summit in Davos for their 50th anniversary. Alongside this, I am learning French and Swedish.
Since February 2019, I have also been working with an international women’s empowerment organisation based in West Africa (Liberia, Ghana and Sierra Leone) where I have been writing a report, outlining how women in west Africa have been able to prevent election violence. I will be presenting my results at the United Nations as part of Geneva Peace Week in November this year.
Occasionally, I have also been writing articles for online newspapers – like the Organization for World Peace. An example of this writing is found at
Congratulations on such achievement as summarised here, Jerome
Another BDC success.