4DI Writer of the Week, September 9


Rugby League is the best sport on the planet.

I strongly believe that Rugby League is NOT the best game on the planet.

Firstly, Rugby League is a very dangerous sport and lots of people get hurt. When you tackle people in Rugby you can really hurt yourself and others. People end up going to hospital because they have seriously hurt themselves. Sometimes they can end up in a wheel chair.

Secondly, there are way better sports like netball and horse riding where you are less likely to get hurt. They are all more fun and definitely less dangerous.

Lastly, if you play Rugby League on a professional level you don’t get to spend very much time with your family. That is why I disagree that it is the best sport.

Therefore I strongly disagree that Rugby League is the best sport on the planet.

By Ellie Davies


Superman is the best super hero of all time.

I strongly agree that Superman is the best superhero of all time for all these reasons.

Firstly, he thinks of all of the other members of the Justice League before himself and is happy to sacrifice his life to save them. He is very noble, reliable and just, unlike Batman who only thinks of himself.

Secondly, he is very strong and will keep everyone in the world safe. Superman always helps the people in his city with anything they want or need. He will take his opponent down if they threaten his people.

Lastly, when compared to Batman, it is obvious that Superman is better. His costume is much nicer. It’s a nice bright blue with red and yellow, compared to the dark black of Batman’s.

I am positive I have convinced you that Superman is the best superhero on the planet.

By Kaiti Mc Farlane


Rugby League is the best sport on the planet.

I strongly disagree with this statement. Rugby Union is the best sport on the planet.

Rugby Union is better than NRL because there are 15 on the field in Union but only 13 in League. So that means more people can play at once.

During the actual game you are not allowed to talk back to the ref in Union but you are allowed in League. If you talk back then you are penalised for that. This teaches respect.

There are also more breaks in League. Union is a much faster game. In League you keep the ball unless you drop it. But in Union you get to try to push the other team and win the ball. That is called the ruck.

There is also lots of different rules in each game. In Union there are never ending tackles but in League you only get 6. Union has 8 forwards and in League there is only 6.

Another interesting fact is that Rugby is in the Olympics and League is not. So how can League be a better game?

Therefore it is obvious that Rugby Union is the best game on the planet NOT Rugby League.

By Tom O’Connor