Australian Youth Orchestra National Music Camp


From January 7th to the 21st, I went to a camp that can only be described as a thrill from start to finish. The Australian Youth Orchestra National Music Camp is an annual summer camp in which three orchestras are formed from over 200 of the most gifted musicians in the country. Together, in the sunlit city of Adelaide, these orchestras play an expansive amount of complex repertoire over a span of two weeks, with weekly concerts that are broadcast over national Classic fm radio.

This year of National Music Camp also happened to be the 70th year since its foundation, so it was a great honour for me to help them celebrate. The orchestra that I was a part of was the largest on the camp, which allowed me to play with instruments that I had never had a chance to play with before, such as the Contrabassoon, Cornet, Cor Anglais and even two beautiful Harps, making the camp a wonderful opportunity for me to play beautiful pieces in their full length, such as Debussy’s ‘La Mer’ and ‘Iberia’, Paul Dukas’ ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ and even Vaughan Williams’ ‘A London Symphony’. Other amazing experiences on the camp included the chance to play and perform in a skilled chamber group, seeing multiple performances by the camp’s artists in residence and also having the chance to be around countless like-minded, skilled musicians, all of which have greatly boosted my passion and motivation to pursue a career in classical music.

To any budding classical musicians hoping for a wonderful experience, the Australian Youth Orchestra National Music Camp is a great goal to work towards. If you are from the age of 12 to 30, I’d strongly recommend applying for any Australian Youth Orchestra programs at this link: . Thank you very much again to all of the people who have come up and congratulated me in the past week. I hope to see you at National Music Camp 2019!