BDC Equestrian rides again…


The National Interschool Championships attracts more than 2000 school based competitors aged 5-18 years old from right around the country. Competitors are required to qualify through from the State Interschool Championships to the National Interschool Championships.

Interschool operates under the rules and guidelines of the disciplines of Dressage, Jumping, Eventing and Show Horse.

Bishop Druitt College will be looking forward to taking competitors to Interschool Competitions around the Coffs Harbour Region and Northern Tablelands.

BDC has had great success with their Equestrian Team over the years and we are encouraging any student who is apart of a Pony Club or who own their own horse and can ride independently, to participate in the wonderful events as part of the BDC Equestrian Team.

Mrs April Harris, (Secondary Languages Teacher) has now taken over the BDC Equestrian coordinators role and will be organising the Grafton Interschool Entries, now known as (Clarence Valley Equestrian Challenge) for 2016 and also for future Interschool competitions.

If there are any students wishing to participate in the Grafton Equestrian Interschool competition on 29th and 30th October 2016, Please contact Mrs April Harris by email before the 4th October, as nominations need to be entered by this date.

Mrs Beth Hilton can also be contacted for any information required.

If you cannot make this event but you are interested in future Equestrian Competitions please be sure you give your details to Mrs Harris or Mrs Hilton.

BDC would like to extend their thanks to Stacey Parkes ( BDC Parent ) who has dedicated her time in coordinating the BDC Equestrian Team for the past number of years.

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From our archives, here are some images of BDC Equestrian over the years.

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