BDC U8 Rugby take on Allianz Stadium


The excitement was building, the tickets were purchased, it was true, the U8’s were playing under the bright lights of Allianz Stadium as pre match entertainment before the NSW Waratahs took to the field.

The opposition was unknown until we took to the field and saw them standing before us, Armidale Blue, they looked bigger than us! (Country boys)

The match started with fury, try for try, but those bigger country boys, snuck a couple of extras in before half time. The pressure was on, the boys were tired, but we came back firing and scored a couple of quick tries to almost even things up. Time was not on our side, but the boys knew they had given all they had. The coaches, DJ and Toby looked exhausted, running with the boys and subbing when possible. The pressure had been on for them too.

Who knows what the score was in the end, the important part was the experience of playing on the big stage/field in front of very loud crowd that were on their feet for most of the game. OK, they were the parents and grandparents, but it sounds good!

The BDC rugby song rang out loud and clear across the stadium

This was an experience these boys will remember for a long time. It is experiences like this that keep BDC rugby coming back stronger each year.

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