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If you see Jessie Woodward and Henry Jacups around the college please congratulate them on being selected to participate on an exchange to Japan in 2018.

Henry will be heading to Ueda Nishi in January 2018 for 3 months.

Jessie will be also heading to Ueda Nishi in July 2018 and returning in January 2019.

Both students were required to write an essay and Jessie also was needed to produce a speech in Japanese. Both did very well in this process. I am sure they will be wonderful ambassadors for the College.

Another student to congratulate is Ebony Young in Year 10.

Ebony will be attending Jeanne D’arc college in France for 6 months from July this year till January 2018.

It is wonderful to see our BDC students spreading their global wings.





Here is Henry’s essay:

My Japan Exchange Essay

Why and how do you think this opportunity would be beneficial to you and what could you do to help promote Japanese exchange opportunities within the school and community? 

My name is Henry Jacups and I am currently a student at Bishop Druitt College. I have been given the opportunity to write this essay and hopefully be selected for the Japanese three month exchange in 2018. I am determined to be one of the few lucky people picked. 

I believe this opportunity would be incredibly advantageous to the development of my education but particularly my understanding of the Japanese language and culture. Spending time in Japan, immersing myself in the culture, and a local family would really challenge my knowledge of the language structure and vocabulary. Not only would it be helpful to future career opportunities but would be a once in a lifetime experience. Additionally, it would give me a greater comprehension of the world outside of Australia and western society. It would broaden my reality and take me out of my little box that i’m in here in Coffs Harbour. Also, distancing myself from my family for that amount of time will prepare me for independance. On the other hand i’m not sure what I will find at the end of the rainbow. I will be venturing into the unknown, which is scary and i’m apprehensive about it, but thats what its all about, not knowing what you’ll find is half the adventure. Having Japanese as my second language is daunting and i’m worried that I don’t know enough and the school work will be hard, but nothing comes easily and if I want to speak fluent Japanese then I will have to challenge myself. I feel I am equipped to be away from my Mother and Father because they have been separated since I was two years old. I believe I cope well with physical distance from my parents.

Promoting Japanese exchanges is something I feel I could do well. I could talk about Japanese exchanges within my family, I have three younger siblings, all of whom are interested in Japan and potentially an exchange. I have friends within school and without, that I could explain to the great opportunity the exchange is. I believe that giving a speech at school assembly, after I come back from entrenching myself in the Japanese culture, would also be effective. Letter box drops, pamphlets and flyers on the local pin boards are all things that could be done to promote Japanese exchange. My mother could promote the exchange at her work, to her clients, and co-workers. I could talk about it in my sporting teams and extracurricular groups. I could put it in the school notices which are read each morning to all students. Giving a speech at the local youth center would also be something to look into.

My family, both my mum and my dad are fully supportive of my quest to spend time in Japan and are behind me every step of the way. If I am fortunate enough to be offered a place I will give it my all and uphold my school values in Japan. I will be a good ambassador for Australia and will be respectful and courteous at all times.

Here is Jessie’s speech:




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