Brett Bennett basking on St Bees


Whilst this may sound like one of our HSIE teachers is having some well earned R&R, Brett Bennett was in fact identified and selected for this assignment by TeachLive in recognition for his work in his field.

“Brett is one of 6 teachers from NSW and the ACT involved in the Teachlive program. He didn’t apply, he was invited – which speaks volumes of the amazing work that he and Rosey Lang are doing in the community with their Environment Group,” said Barb Kiemski, Head of HSIE.

TeachLive is an innovative educational tool that places teachers on Earthwatch research projects.

Brett headed to St Bees Island this week in the Whitsundays. His students are able to take a virtual expedition with him helping them to engage in environmental studies in an Australian and global context and see him as an environmental role model.

 Brett will be skyping with his class while he is on assignment.

What will teachers learn?

The interactive nature of the program is an excellent opportunity for teachers to improve their web-based teaching skills, learn current scientific research techniques, work in a team with other teachers and learn more about the unique environments of the world.

“Both my students and I now have a far greater understanding of the processes of scientific research and the benefits that research brings to local and global communities. Not only did I get to learn about and embrace a unique part of the world, but my students did also, and that is a very powerful and enriching experience for me as a teacher.” 2009 TeachLive Teacher, Melbourne, VIC

What do students get out of TeachLive?

TeachLive is a great introduction to the way innovative technologies can motivate students. Students experience what is involved in scientific research increasing their curiosity and enthusiasm for science.

It shows students areas of Australia and the rest of the world they may have never seen before, provides them with a new perspective on scientific research and exposes them to positive career opportunities.

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