Cambodia 2018


After a very long 23 hour journey from Coffs to Phnom Penh, we got straight into visiting the historic places. We went to the royal palace, the killing fields and S21. The killing fields were extremely confronting, but really interesting to learn about the history of the Khmer Rouge.

After spending a few nights in the capital of Cambodia, we moved on to Mondulkiri. This is where we were lucky enough to swim with elephants. Feeding and swimming with elephants was one of the highlights of most peoples trip. We learnt about the harsh way elephants are used and abused in Cambodia.

Towards the middle of our trip, we travelled to Ratanakiri, this is where we were able to share our knowledge and aid in teaching English in Krou Young School. We played English games and furthered our own knowledge of the Khmer culture.

We were invited to play a game of soccer towards the end of our time at Ratanakiri. We all had a blast and despite what the pictures show, no one had any injuries.

After our amazing experience at Ratanakiri, we took quite a long bus trip to Siem Reap, where we furthered our knowledge on the history of Cambodia, toured through the temples, and participated in the Free To Shine program which helps families escape the poverty/ sex trade cycle.

After 2 weeks of travelling, learning and helping, we were all exhausted. Although we were sad to be leaving, we were all ready to escape the heat and get onto an air-conditioned plane. We nearly missed our flight from Singapore to Sydney, but after a long trip back, we were greeted by our friends and family at Coffs airport, ready to go back to our lives, but with a new outlook on life and how lucky we are.

Mr Michael Klipin