Celebrating Science


Recently our five Year 8 classes celebrated National Science Week by sharing their curious and creative minds at our annual Year 8 Science fairs.

Students presented a visual display of their results as the final part of their student research project. The student research project (SRP) is an experimental research investigation that has been designed so that students can demonstrate to their teacher and fellow students their skills in planning and carrying out an investigation, solving problems and communicating ideas.

On display were a wonderful variety of experiments such as: Which type of detergent makes the longest lasting bubbles?  Which type of surface makes a skateboard/ bike/model car/ robot move fastest?  How do different materials influence the drop time of a parachute? Which type of paper is the most absorbent? Does ice melt faster on different surfaces?  What fruit or vegetable creates the greatest current in a fruit battery?  Does iron corrode quicker in water than other metals?  Does a polystyrene cup keep your coffee hotter than other types of coffee cup?

Thank you to staff and  students for their wonderful efforts as well as  all visitors for coming along. The People’s Choice Award for each fair will be announced in assembly. Outstanding visual student presentations from each class will also receive merit awards.

Here are two of the projects created by the students.