Chaplain’s Chat May 27, 2016


10599360_10203908036836896_8260768511396048093_nAs the weather changes, so does the season of the church, and we enter into a time of celebrating the presence of the Spirit of God in our world. God’s presence is described with the power of a huge wind, a wind that whipped around and buffeted the room the early Christians met in after Jesus had left them to return to heaven. And then that powerful presence of God moved into the room, this time in a gentle and diverse way. God’s very presence moved to hover above each person in the room, appearing as a flame of fire, transforming their abilities and personalities.

These early Christians were able to communicate clearly, across language and cultural divides. This was the birth of a new community, called the Church, which affirmed the very presence of God within us all, transforming the way we live. This beautiful story of Pentecost, which was handed down by word of mouth and eventually written down, has shaped so much of the Christian understanding of who God is – incredibly powerful, one who lived a human life and yet is also still personal and close, dwelling within us, crossing cultures and transforming our behaviour. This diversity in God’s very identity is described as the Trinity.

As we interact with others, as children and as adults, let us remember that each human holds the dignity of the spark of the creator within them. In the coming week, we are fundraising for Anglicare’s work in welcoming and supporting refugees as they arrive in Coffs Harbour. What very special work this is, recognizing the dignity of each person, in their most vulnerable moments. May God bless those who dedicate their work and careers to supporting refugees and asylum seekers around the world.