Cleo, Queen of Scots


One only has to walk past the college theatre to – ‘hear the buzz’, ‘feel the vibe’, ‘catch the bug’ – realise that something pretty lively is going on. But what? There are people in weird clothes saying strange things in accents from the strine to the fantasbulous. And why not?

After all, the students responsible for all this flourish have been working for this moment for the better part of a whole year. These are the HSC Drama students putting the final touches on their Group-devised Scenes and their Individual Performances. They are beside themselves in the most creative way possible.  

This year we have two dynamic groups collaborating to express ideas about the world whilst showcasing the performance skills of each student. The ideas explored are challenging and the theatre being created promises to be both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Also set to impress are our seven individual performances, a Promotion Package project and a Scriptwriting project. All students have worked very hard during a process requiring self-understanding, constructive risk taking and resilience as things do not go as anticipated and changes become necessary.

Here, Cleo Abbott, rehearses her Individual Performance based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. This piece has required great diligence from Cleo. She made detailed research before applying herself creatively to write a script and beginning the work she loves of performing a character. Her scene and the scenes of her drama compatriots, are looking good and bringing me, as their teacher, feelings of happy anticipation.

I can’t wait to show them off. Cleo will be performing at the Foundation Day Assembly; the groups, four other individuals and the two projects will be ‘strutting their stuff’ at Seen Ya’s on Show and the whole ‘gang’ will be performing at the HSC Drama Performance Nights later in the term (dates TBC).

Ethel Cooper