Clothing from Zion


Jasmin Adams (née Young) attended Bishop Druitt College from Year 2 to Year 10. During high school she enjoyed being the only girl student in woodwork and metalwork but was just what was needed to whet her creative instincts. Fashion design, textiles and design, photography – you name it, she did it! After completing the School Certificate in 2004, she moved to the CHEC for her final years.

Shortly after, Jasmin moved to the Gold Coast where she found employment in retail fashion and web design. She was inspired by successful clothing businesses, the big brands and loved the amazing textures and designs that were coming onto the market.

Ben Adams independently enrolled in a graphic design course on the GC and they soon met and before long, married and started a family.

Jasmin began making clothes for herself and for her two children, Zion and Lacey. She decided to post her creations on Instagram and was immediately inundated with requests. Wanting to be a stay-at-home Mum, she tried to keep up with her orders but the stress of her hobby and family came to a head.

Subsequently she and her family moved back to Coffs and at the start of 2014, launched her own brand, “fromZION”, a label inspired by their son’s name. Now a company, Jasmin employs several workers to keep up with demand and Ben, who had previously been scouted by Billabong provided the expertise for the job of design and marketing. Their company was a finalist in the 2017 Global Brand Awards and came second but previously they won the Sunny’s Business Award sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in 2015.

As can be imagined there are tough times in a home-grown business but both Jasmin and Ben have found so much support from their Christian faith. As Jasmin says, “Simply put – we couldn’t have done it. We relied on our faith every day when we felt that we couldn’t keep doing it. When you feel like you can’t take another step, out of nowhere would come this encouragement and push to keep going. It’s also been huge to have the support of our friends and family, who were always ready to jump in and help us whenever and wherever it was needed. We have incredible people surrounding us.”

Congratulations must be expressed to such a successful and hard-working couple, Jasmin and Ben. Another BDC success story.

Go to and view her 2017 “Valiant Collection”.