Cold nights, perfect days! – Year 9 Camp


On Sunday 23 Oct, 64, Yr 9’s headed off to Nymboida for 4 days of roughing it on their annual Outdoor Education experience. The remaining 45 followed on Wed 26 Oct and returned on Sat 29 Oct.

Although the first couple of nights were cold, the days were perfect for the activities the students participated in. The Friday saw 10mm of rain fall just on dark, which was just enough for some very tired students to retire to their tents for an early night.

Students participate in abseiling, mountain bike riding and canoeing. The abseil, challenges students to go past that point of no return, where the only way is down. Some of the students were really pushed out of their comfort zone, but were so pleased that they had done this and had great satisfaction in knowing they had succeeded. The mountain bike ride is 23km of unsealed roads from Buccarumbi to Nymboida. There are quite a few hills on this section of the road, which, I’m sure a lot of the students will attest to. But, as the saying goes, what goes up must come down! A couple of riders came down a little bit harder than others and left their mark in the gravel. The canoe trip is down the Nymboida River for 25 km, through some beautiful parts of the region that are inaccessible by road. They are challenged by some level 3 and 4 rapids where many paddlers come unstuck and end up floating down the river on their back until clam water lets them get back into their canoe. The water levels were low this year, which saw a few more obstacle than normal. Well done to Bree Moore’s group who manage to finish the paddle with no capsizes!

Thank you to Drew Kadwell, Tom Murtha, Nicola Bird, Charmian Harrington, Jeremy Nash, Bree Moore and Nicole Matthews for accompanying the students on camp and doing a fantastic job bringing these young adults together. Thank you also to Rev David Morgan and Jamie Murgatroyd who assisted me at base camp.

Beth Hilton
Outdoor Education Coordinator

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