Dr Mummy…and loving every moment!

Dear Mr Rodham,
After graduating from BDC, I went on to study a BA of psychology with honours at Southern Cross University. I decided to stay in Coffs Harbour as my mum became very ill and my father and I cared for her through this difficult time. She was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer and still remains very unwell with ongoing health issues. I was then lucky enough to get admission and complete a masters degree from the University of Sydney, with a publication in the field of health Psychology. During this time, I did as much travelling as I could and lucky I did, as it was on my travels that I met my husband, Jasdeep. We met in England and I relocated there after we got married in the midst of pursuing a PhD in psychology from the Australian National University in 2010. I (finally!) graduated in December 2015 following the birth of my baby girl, Gurbani. I am now a full time Dr mummy and love every moment. Having the honour of being Gurbani’s mother has been the greatest pleasure of my life thus far. Jasdeep is a dentist and we have built a comfortable life here, but truth be told, I long to be back in Coffs Harbour one day, My home.
I have attached some photos from my wedding, Gurbani, and my recent PhD graduation to this email.
I wasn’t able to make it to our 10 year reunion, but I would love to come visit BDC again in the near future and I hope all the amazing teachers and staff at BDC are doing well.
I am not sure I will ever be able to express how grateful I am to have been a student at BDC.
Warm regards,