Fantastic Four!


On Saturday 17 June Jemimah Andrews(6), Yar Dut (6), Katie McFarlane (5) and Danika Watson (6) from the Year 5/6 Division 1 Basketball team displayed the qualities of resilience and perseverance.  It was the finals for their school basketball season and only 4 out of the 9 players could make it to play! They played like trojans and still won their semi against Korora Storms 32-27.  They then went on to come second overall for the season. These four girls can be so incredibly proud of themselves. Not once did they start to even look defeated in either game but carried on until the final whistle blew. The rest of their team members receive medals because of these 4 girls playing their absolute hearts out. Commitment and resilience right there.

VIP Player

Runners up (second place) for the Div 1 Year 5/6 Basketball Competition with 4 players!


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