From Strauss to the Corrs…

The Adventure Centre at Bonville was the venue, Primary Music Camp the occasion, with kick-off at 9am on April Fool’s Day. Was that, perhaps, an omen? Not at all, I am delighted to say. The weekend ran like clockwork, without any nasty surprises and with the bonus of an extra hour thrown in. Inevitably, not everyone understood the implications of that hour being placed in the middle of the night. So Sunday started early – very early for some.

42 students from the Primary Guitar Ensemble, Superstrings and Primary Performance Band attended the Camp. They practised throughout the weekend both in their own groups, as a whole ensemble and in smaller tutorial sessions at times. Ensemble directors Santo Cimino, Sandra Smith and Hazel Buchanan were assisted by Year 11 students Manuli Narangoda and Julia Magri, who very generously gave up their weekend to help tutor our younger musicians. When the children were not in rehearsals, they were expertly supervised by Mr Galvin and Mrs Crismale (who also joined the Band on alto saxophone).

On Saturday night, the students entertained themselves and each other with a Talent Quest, where we witnessed some extraordinarily skilfull and imaginative acts. Our MCs were Julia and Manuli, and they also had the unenviable task of judging and awarding prizes for the most impressive performances.

Camp finished up with a concert for parents and friends on Sunday afternoon. Superstrings, directed by Sandra Smith, gave a charming rendition of ‘La Morisque’, ‘Forty Pound Float’ and ‘Greensleeves’. Primary Guitar Ensemble were ‘Jammin’ in the Traffic Jam’ and showing off their ‘Chopsticks’, and Primary Performance Band took the stage with ‘Runaway’ by the Corrs. The ensembles all came together for a waltz – the ‘Blue Danube’ – and our finale, ‘Rock Around the Clock’.

Our thanks to the Bonville Adventure Centre for providing such a great venue and for catering so well to our needs. We were very appreciative of Julia and Manuli’s willingness to help with the Camp, and for Mrs Day’s assistance on Saturday morning and at the Concert. Most of all, we would like to extend a huge thank you to our wonderful Camp Parents, Mr Galvin and Mrs Crismale.

Hazel Buchanan, Santo Cimino and Sandra Smith