Germany bound…

Jacqui Kambere (Yr 10) last year took part in the football Joey’s Mini World Cup Youth Tournament in Inverell. From this competition she was one of four selected to receive a 4 week educational trip to Germany leaving on Thursday June 15th. During this time she will be coached at Club SV Elversberg and FC Frankfurt and play games at some of the best football centres in Germany such as Saarbrücken, Cottbus, Frankfurt/Oder and Dresden. Jacqui will also participate in some German language classes and have the opportunity to visit Berlin, go kayaking on the river Saar and visit the battlegrounds at Verdun from World War I and II. We are really proud of Jacqui‘s efforts, she has certainly made a positive impact in our school teams and we wish her well for this exciting trip. We look forward to hearing all about it on her return. Well done Jacqui!