In the great outdoors with Year 11


On the first day of Term 4 and the start of the journey for our 2017 Year 12’s, we headed off to camp. Year 11 camp is based at Mebbin, on the southern edge of the Mt Warning (Wollumbin) caldera.

From the base camp, the 6 tutor groups explore the surrounding National Parks by mountain biking the dirt roads, canoeing on Clarrie Hall Dam and trekking through some fantastic rainforest and dry sclerophyll forest.

This camp is a bonding time for each tutor group, with the other students and also with their peers. This is an important part of the next 12 months for these students.

Students and teachers alike support each other on this camp as they are all pushed beyond their comfort zones at some stage during the four days.

Mr Andrews, Mr Ball, Mr Murgatroyd, Mrs Spry and I spent some time with all of the groups and only saw positives from the students. A comment that we heard often was “I am so glad I came on camp, I have met new friends and learnt so much about other people in my tutor.” Another comment made to me was “ I am so glad you ‘made’ me come on camp, I can’t wait to get back and tell my other friends what they missed out on.” And more “Miss this view is amazing.”   I have heard from several parents about how their child did not be quiet for several hours after they returned about what a great time they had. This was probably until they were so tired they could not speak anymore.

I personally would like to thank Mr Andrews, Mrs Fisher, Mr Close, Mrs Cooper, Mr Kitcher, Mr McCormack and Mrs Lang for roughing it with their tutor group and always returning with a smile on their face and stories to tell. Having staff that are happy to rough it for a few days, makes my job so much easier.

One thing I notice at the Year 12 final assembly every year, are the comments made by the tutors about things that happened on camp which help make their final year together so much better.

Beth Hilton
Outdoor Education Coordinator


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