Mindfulness retreat for year 12


Year 12 retreat:

BDC held a retreat for Year 12 at a new venue, Yarrahappini at Grassy Heads. This is the same location many students had their first overnight school camp in year 3 and will more than likely be their last overnight school excursion.

This year’s retreat theme was ‘You are not alone, we are a community’. The staff ran a number activities that involved the whole year group and also their tutor groups.

The tutor groups participated in the following activities:

  • Art for therapy session which helped the students explore their inner selves on canvas with the concept of Mandela’s,
  • Yoga and meditation.
  • Mindfulness using food senses and sparkle domes.
  • Healthy recipes for studying while studying.
  • The impossible, but possible team building exercise on the beach using sandcastles.
  • A variety of sporting options on the basketball court and games room.

The year group activities were centered around mindfulness, positive education, and faith. Students investigated their inner and outer masks which represented their personalities and how people perceived them and how they perceived themselves. Understanding how people can be tied down by others, societal and other expectations. Students were given time to recognise and acknowledge each others strengths and positive attributes.

A commonwealth gold medalist talked to the group about his extended and rich story. He explained about setting goals, trying your best with confidence and not sweating on the small stuff. Life is about constantly learning and adapting to the ever-changing environment.

Some stated that the timing was excellent as they do feel relaxed and if they were at home, they would be feeling guilty about taking time out and wouldn’t relax.

Some quotes form a couple of the students that attended:

‘A good time to escape from year 12 and a very needed time to avoid burnout’. Jack Brown

‘It was a very needed experience that brought together a lot of people. It cleared your mind. A positive experience that was very much needed.’ Ellen Brooke

A big thank you to Rev Naomi Cooke and Jane Mosco who researched and introduced new activities for the retreat which is encompassing positive education and mindfulness. All 6 tutors – Robb Kitcher, Dale Graham, Nicola Bird, Ben DalPozzo, Ben Andrews and Teena Goodman for developing their activities and supporting the year 12 cohort throughout the retreat.

Troy Sodeau
Year 12 Coordinator

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