Our newest Australian Citizens


This week, 7 of our BDC students became Australian citizens with their families.

The Abdullah family arrived at BDC in the Primary School in May 2012. From the instant they arrived, they have been a warm, polite, generous, hard-working and delightful family who have demonstrated their commitment to making the sacrifices their parents have made for them to bring them to Australia worthwhile. They have worked through some very difficult transitions, coming through refugee camps and then landing in a totally alien culture and way of life with humility and determination. Everyone who comes in contact with this family immediately feels the warmth and happiness they radiate. The children have been generous with sharing their difficult stories, with spreading acceptance and tolerance through their actions and have very much enriched the culture at the college. We could not be more proud of their achievements and are humbled by their perseverance and their resilience. Congratulations Abdullah family!



Eyoul (3) & Robel Araya (1) have also become citizens. The boys are proudly holding the Australian flag. Eyoul was very keen to show everyone his flag and pen too.