Plaster of Fun

Making plaster masks in drama has become almost a rite of passage for our junior elective students. Sitting there while another student puts wet plaster bandage strips on your face is a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. Demanding, as it does, a high level of trust on behalf of the receiver of the mask and an immense amount of level-headed, focused work from their partner, it is always an exciting time for all involved.

This year students really distinguished themselves. They worked so well together. They were good humoured and brave and everyone of the 28 students took a chance on their peers and made a mask. I was so proud of them all but especially of the few amongst them that really had to step outside their comfort zones to achieve what was asked of them.

And the icing on the cake?? They even cleaned up after themselves and left next to no sign of the water, plaster, tissues, garbage badges, make-up wipes etc involved- for which Mr Nash and I were very grateful! Great work Yr 9 Drama Students.