The Magic Paintbrushes


The final graduates of the Art for Wellbeing program had their gallery showing today. They are The Magic Paintbrushes.

Jemimah Andrews
For demonstrating great patience and perseverance throughout the entire painting process to create a fabulous artwork with great shading, design and colour choices. .

Joanna Correy
For always being a hard working and kind member of the group. For a great design and a magical sky in her atmospheric artwork.

Anais Gribben
For always bringing a positive attitude and a kind word to the group, and for painting a beautiful, joyful and bright artwork.

Ashaan Salindera
For his bold and original ideas for his artwork, and for stepping outside of his comfort zone to experiment with new techniques and materials tobring them to life.

Iraklis Roussos
For being a hard worker and showing great perseverance and patience throughout the painting process. For a strong design and excellent ideas for his highly effective artwork.

Mikayla Lastevec
For working with great care, consideration and attention to detail at all times. For creating a beautiful, moody artwork with a fabulous inky background a great design.

Isabella Crowe
For her unique ideas and clear vision for her artwork, and for creating a dynamic painting with bold contrasting colours.