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Writers of the Week in 1S    

My Mum is the best
By Ally Major 1S

My mum is the best because she takes me shopping and I can get whatever I want. On Saturday she invited six of my friends over to have a play in the pool. Ronan and Harrison water pistoled each other, which was really fun.

When I am sad my mum gives me lots of hugs and kisses to make me feel special. She also gives me an ice cream for breakfast when it’s my birthday. She is cheeky!

I love my mum, she is the best mum in the world!


My Mum is the best
By Bella Nguyen 1S

‘Oh no’ the monsters are back, that tells me it is Halloween. The zombies are back, the vampires are back, I think I should run! Thanks mum for saving me your are the best.

My mum is the best because she will save me from Halloween. She is really brave. I love you mum.

Harly Greenaway and Lachlan Jameson holding their ceramic pots.