Year 6 Researchers


On Friday 18 November, at lunch, Year 6 conducted a survey and discussed with the other primary students ideas for an outdoor learning/play area.
There were 4 data collection points.
1.Students assisting others to fill out a google form regarding where we play and what types of things we want to play on at BDC.
2. A display board of elements where the students of BDC placed counters on different elements that they would want if/when we construct an outdoor play/education space.
3. A space where students could draw their favourite outdoor play space on paper.
4. A whiteboard where students could view other examples of outdoor play spaces and also record ideas for one at BDC.

This data will be collated and used for a competition where we will judge the best plans for an outdoor play/education space.
The winner/s will present to Mrs Lisle  at the end of week 8.
Watch this space!

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